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The North Hatley Club has a diverse community of people in its membership, with approximately 1/3 of its families coming from Quebec, 1/3 from other provinces, and 1/3 from the USA and other countries.

In order to encourage membership for those who live the farthest away, or for those families with young children, while maintaining a general degree of “fairness” among all membership categories, the Club has established a number of different levels of fees. Most members remain in the Club for a lifetime, and at different periods in their membership cycle receive greater benefits from their fees. It is hoped that members will keep this in mind when paying their invoices.

Applications are due by October 1st for membership commencing the following summer. Application for membership should be made to the Chair of the Membership Committee. They are voted on by the Board of Directors during their winter meeting which will give accepted members time to make their summer plans. A proposer and two seconders are required, and they each need to have been members of the club for at least five (5) years.

Prospective members may spend up to a week at the club as paid guests of their proposer and/or seconders and must be always accompanied by their host(s). This will ensure that they get a ‘feel’ for the club, that current members get to know them and, that the proposers and seconders are truly responsible for introducing them around, following through with the application process and accompanying them to events especially during the first summer of their new membership.

Note that as of January 2022 the membership categories have changed (Bylaw 1, article 1 (a). They are as follows:

  • Senior Family
  • Senior Family 16 day
  • Senior Single Parent Family
  • Senior Couple
  • Senior Single
  • Senior Single 16 day
  • Porch Couple
  • Porch Single
  • Sustaining
  • Honorary

For more information on membership categories or dues, please contact manager@northhatleyclub-com. To discuss a prospective member or to receive an application please contact Nancy Wells, Membership Chair, [email protected]

Any questions concerning the membership categories and the dues and fees may be addressed to the President, the Vice President or the Treasurer of the Club or their designees.